Key papers & books on LC filter synthesis

R. Saal, E. Ulbrich, ‘On the Design of Filters by Synthesis’, IRE Transactions on circuit theory, December 1958

The key paper on practical LC synthesis. Leaving out long derivations, this paper is of high practical value. Don’t miss ‘Computation Rules for Low-Pass and Band-Pass Filters with Prescribed Attenuation Poles’ on page 297 under ‘F.: ¬†Filters with General Parameters’. I have used the synthesis example in this paper on page 309 for testing my own LC synthesis software tool.

J.A.C. Bingham, ‘A new method of solving the accuracy problem in filter design’,¬†IEEE Transactions on circuit theory, VOL. CT-011, September 1964

H.J. Orchard, G.C. Temes, ‘Filter Design using Transformed Variables’, IEEE Transactions on circuit theory, VOL. CT-015, No. 4, December 1968

10 years after the key paper by Saal & Ulbrich, this paper is a very readable update on the classic paper by S&U.

G.C. Temes, ‘Filter Design in Transformed Frequency Variable’, chapter 6 in the book ‘Computer oriented circuit design’, edited by F. F. Kuo and W.G. Magnuson, Prentice-Hall, 1969

Hidden treasure in the Kuo Magnuson book. Gives the full derivation of the transformed variable filter design technique.

G.C. Temes, J.W. La Patra, “Circuit Synthesis and Design”, McGraw Hill, 1977

A fine book on filter synthesis by two old masters. Full derivation of the circuit realisation functions from the filter response function. The book also covers linear active network synthesis and distributed element network synthesis in two chapters.