Electromagnetic Expert Services

Particle Acceleration

  • Simulation (CST) and analysis of in-vacuum insertion devices
    • Eigenmode simulation
    • Wakefield (beam) simulation
    • Particle in cell (PIC) simulation
  • Accelerator Simulation (CST)
    • cavity design and analysis
    • RF accelerator design and analysis
    • beam – cavity interaction
    • RF feed structure (waveguide) design
  • Publications

Passive components

  • RF & Microwave filters (high-power and low-power)
  • couplers and combiners
  • phase-shifters, pulse-shaping
  • Antennas
    • broadcast VHF/UHF/AM-radio
    • radiation analysis
    • HF antennas (Communication & OTHR)


  • student mentoring
  • co-supervision of student projects

After a successful industry carrier as a leading RF R&D Engineer I am now consulting in the field of electromagnetics. Coming from passive component design (filters, couplers, antennas, etc.), my vast knowledge and skill in the field of high-power RF found new application in the area of particle acceleration, after a 3-year study period of particle physics. I cooperate well with physicists, creating synergy, enabling to go beyond current boundaries of understanding and design. Over 20 years of experience with electromagnetic 3D simulation tools (CST) ensure high-quality and fast simulation, analysis and design work.