Text books on filter theory & design


R. J. Cameron, Ch.M. Kudsia, R.R. Mansour, “Microwave filters for communication systems”, Wiley – Interscience, 2007

Most comprehensive, unique and up to date. Suits both beginners as well as experienced filter designers. Covers most aspects of filter design.

I. Hunter, “Theory and design of microwave filters”, IET electromagnetic wave series 48, 2001

Well written book by Prof. Ian Hunter of Leeds university (UK). Covers all critical aspects of filter design and filter realization in different technologies.

Jia-Sheng Hong, M.J. Lancaster, “Microstrip Filters for RF/Microwave Applications”, John Wiley & Sons, 2001

A most valuable resource – even if you are not designing microstrip filters.

J. H. Helszajn, “Synthesis of lumped element, distributed and planar filters”, McGraw-Hill (UK), 1990

Nicely condensed text book. Clearly written and covering many important aspects of filter synthesis & design.

R.W. Daniels, “Approximation methods for electronic filter design”, McGraw-Hill, 1974

Unique text book focussing on the approximation aspect of filter design. Contains many program code listings.

G.L. Matthaei, L. Young, E.M.T. Jones, “Microwave filters, impedance-matching networks, and coupling structures”, McGraw-Hill, 1964

The ‘filter bible’ we all keep near our altars. Still very relevant although modern synthesis techniques are not covered. Often affectionately referred to as simply ‘MYJ’ 🙂

A. I. Zverev, “Handbook of filter synthesis”, John Wiley Sons, 1967

A filter ‘classic’ of the 1960’s. While strong on the mathematical synthesis aspect, this book also explains different filter technologies. It is the only book I have seen that pays due credit to Milton Dishal who introduced the ‘k and q concept’ to filter design. Explains the ‘coupling concept’ very well. Has many ready-made tables for the design of standard filters.

G.C. Temes, ‘Filter Design in Transformed Frequency Variable’, chapter 6 in the book ‘Computer oriented circuit design’, edited by F. F. Kuo and W.G. Magnuson, Prentice-Hall, 1969

Condensed chapter on LC filter synthesis. Contains derivation of the transformed variable approach.

G.L. Ragan, “Microwave transmission circuits”, McGraw-Hill, 1948

Another war-time radar development classic with many important aspects for microwave filters.

T. Moreno, “Microwave transmission design data”, Dover Publications Inc., 1948

Excellent book from the WW2 radar development time at Sperry Gyroscope Cpy. A valuable reference, also for the design of different types of resonators.

R.E. Collin, “Foundations for microwave engineering”, IEEE Press, 2000

Fine book involving the thorough field theory. Of great practical and academic value.

R. Unbehauen, “Synthese elektrischer Netzwerke”, Oldenbourg Verlag, 1984

One of the best scientific books on network synthesis, covering classical LC filter design. I grew up with it!

G. Fritzsche, “Grundlagen und Entwurf passiver Analogzweipole”, F. Vieweg & Sohn, 1979

A good scientific book from the old GDR. Very systematic, thorough and exhaustive. Good chapters on network analysis. Part of a series of books by the same author.